2. Packing tips for removals

2. Packing tips for removals

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2. Packing tips for removals

At Cheerful Removals, we know that moving house can be stressful, which is why we wanted to help make your removal service simpler by giving you some of our expert packing tips!

Start the packing early

It is said that a large house can take up to two months to fully pack up and that a smaller house takes around one month on average – because of this, we recommend that you start the packing process well in advance of your removal. By starting to pack quite early on in the process, you can make the removers’ jobs far quicker and more efficient, whilst also ensuring that everything gets packed as it should for a safe journey.

Pack the furniture and items that you use less

Packing up the furniture and items from rooms you use less frequently can significantly help the packing process go smoothly. By packing rooms this way, you can ensure that the essentials you need can still be used right up until just before you move. It also helps to organise your packing into what you know you want to take with you to your new home.

Donate your unneeded belongings

Moving house is the perfect time to declutter your belongings. We recommend using the packing process as a way to prevent your new home from becoming overcrowded and busy with furniture and items you don’t need or want. By donating unwanted items and furniture, you’re reducing the amount you have to unpack at the other end, whilst also donating to a good cause.

Make an inventory list

Lists are a must in order to properly organise your packing. Making inventory lists are one of the simplest ways to keep control of your packing. You can make your lists by room, by type of furniture, or any other way that you would prefer. Lists are a great way to stay organised and keep on track of what you have already packed and what you’ve got left to pack.

Use the right packing materials

Using the right packing materials is essential to improving the packing process. Knowing your belongings are safely and securely packed reduces the stress of the packing process. Wrapping sentimental and delicate possessions should be done in a soft material that secures the items. Using cardboard boxes are a must-have packing material for items of all sizes as they are easy to store. If you need some reliable and sturdy packing materials, we can provide those for you.

We hope you take inspiration from our top tips for packing your furniture and belongings! As part of our service, we can offer you packing assistance as well as packing materials to make the removal service easier for you! If you would like to hear more about our available removal and clearance services, you can contact the Cheerful Removals team directly and get a quote.

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