4. Things for pet owners to consider when moving house

4. Things for pet owners to consider when moving house

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4. Things for pet owners to consider when moving house

We know that moving house can be stressful. However, the members of your family who will probably find it the most stressful are your pets! With all-new surroundings, new smells and a new area, they’ll need your help and support to settle into their new home seamlessly. Here are a few of our top tips, tricks, and things to remember when moving house with a pet.

Update their microchip

Something you need to consider early on is that if your pet is microchipped, you must change the details on the microchip and update your address. If anything should happen to your pet, you obviously need to have updated your details so that the appropriate people can contact you regarding your doggie or moggie and help them get to your new home safely. It’s also advisable to update the details on your pet’s collar for the same reason. You can find out more about how to update your pet’s microchip here: https://vethelpdirect.com/vetblog/2021/02/25/weve-moved-house-how-do-i-update-my-dogs-microchip/

Maintain their scent

Scent is incredibly important to animals, particularly dogs. Try to set up a safe space in your new home by providing items that carry the smells that they are used to from your previous home. Blankets, beds, and cushions that smell like your old house will help them to remain calm and at ease.

Maintain a routine

Establishing a new routine with your pet can be beneficial after a massive upheaval. Try to keep to a routine similar to that of your last home, for example, making sure dinner time is at 6 pm or taking your pet for a little walk in the mornings. All of these things, plus lots of patience, will help your pet settle quickly into your new home.

Register with a vet

Just as you’ll likely be registering with a new GP, you should register your pet with a new vet once you’re settled into your new home. You must also notify your pet insurance provider of your relocation so that they can update their records and make any necessary changes.

Have a friend take care of your pet on moving day

Moving day is stressful for humans… so imagine how stressful it must be for your pet who has no idea what’s going on! Keeping them safe, relaxed, and out of the way will help you carry out your move as seamlessly as possible. They will be much calmer if they only enter your new home once it’s settled.

Distract them with home comforts

It might be a good idea to keep your pet distracted with toys, treats, and the familiar scents of home while you’re packing up your old home and moving into the new one. Leave their belongings, such as their bed and chews, until last and don’t wash their bedding until a few weeks after your move. Allow them to establish a base in your new home with all their old home comforts.

Be cautious

It’s important to keep a close eye on your pet in the first week or so of being in your new home. Pets who feel as though they’re “away from home” may make a beeline towards the door when you aren’t looking and go exploring in their new surroundings. Be mindful of keeping your pet locked indoors if you feel that they’re still slightly dubious about their new home.

Essentially, if you ensure all your pet’s details are up to date, give them time and space to adjust and allow them some home comforts while they’re settling in, you and your pet should be just fine. Contact us at Cheerful Removals today for all your removal needs.



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