3. Why are removals prices from reputable removal firms so high?

3. Why are removals prices from reputable removal firms so high?

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3. Why are removals prices from reputable removal firms so high?

Moving house can be expensive, and many people often wonder why reputable removal firms charge more for removals. The simple answer is that a reputable removal firm will do things the right way. They will not cut corners and they will organise your move to ensure that all your belongings reach your new home safe and sound.

Cheap is not always cheerful

It can be tempting to choose the cheap option and hire a man with a van to take care of your relocation, rather than opting for a team of experienced movers. However, opting for a cheap service can end up being significantly more costly than you first think.

Many cheap companies are able to keep their prices low because they do not offer the best service. The old adage of: “you get what you pay for” is extremely fitting when it comes to moving home. They may not take as much care when they move your furniture, such as larger electrical items and white goods. They may also not have the experience or the training to ensure that your belongings reach their destination in optimal condition. Some disreputable companies might offer a low price, and then present an invoice which is significantly higher than the quote

Consider the value of your belongings

Your belongings are extremely important, whether they have monetary or sentimental importance. For example, while you want to ensure that your large-screen OLED television is protected, you equally want to know that your photo albums are also safe during your house move. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh up the value of your goods compared to the amount you could save by organising a cheaper move.

Reputable removal companies often charge more to move your belongings, but they will organise your move properly. Providing a trained and experienced team of movers incurs overheads and this can result in the price being more expensive. However, it makes no sense to jeopardise your most precious items to save a couple of hundred pounds. It is more beneficial to have the peace of mind that your stuff will be safe and cared for in the hands of your movers.

Reputable companies take care of the heavy lifting

Moving your goods is not as simple as merely putting them into a van and taking them to their new destination. It can take thorough planning and assessment by a removals firm. It is essential to ensure that everything is packed correctly, and a reputable mover will assist with this. Here at Cheerful Removals, it is our policy to conduct an on site survey for all our our moves, in order to avoid any surprises on move day.

Additionally, trusted removal companies will ensure that your heavier goods do not get bumped or scratched when they pass through tight doorways. With the best furniture removal companies, you may even be able to benefit from a service that allows your furniture to be disassembled and reassembled for you, taking the stress out of your move. Disassembling and reassembling items as required is certainly included in the service provided by Cheerful Removals.

How to choose the right removal firm

Remember that quality is the main thing to look for in a removal firm. Assess the experience of your movers, rather than focusing solely on the price. Moving house is something that most people do very rarely. Therefore, it is worth paying extra to ensure that it is done properly, rather than having the regret of opting for a cheaper firm down the line. At Cheerful Removals, we offer a quality and reputable removals services bespoke to your moving situation. Contact us today for a quote.

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